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People Are Starting to Buy Gold Coins and Bars

A good number of people have lost sizable amounts of money in the stock market the last several years that leads one to look for more conservative investing options. Gold has always been thought of as a good investment choice when things get uncertain in the world and one is looking for safety. Anyone who has had money in gold has done better than the stock market but perhaps not as well as one would have thought.

Anyone who doesn’t have gold in their portfolio might take a look at it to see if it might be an option. The stock market has made a slight rebound and yet one has the feeling that stocks could start to head back down again anytime. The world economy has not made a recovery and more bad news could be around the corner causing stocks to plummet again.

A thing to note about gold is that its value has never gone to zero. For thousands of years, all civilizations have valued gold and the ancient Egyptians are one society that readily comes to mind. Since gold has always had value, many people take comfort in having part of their portfolio in it. While nothing is guaranteed, there have been times when it has easily outperformed the stock market and gold investors now hope that that will happen again soon.

It might be asked why the price of gold has not gone up more than it has in this time of extreme economic uncertainty. Those who have held gold for the last several years have been able to avoid the perils of the stock market but one would have though gold might have actually gone up significantly rather than pretty much treading water at the same price. It might be due to many investors having to cash in their gold positions in order to pay off other debts.

Usually it is fine to invest in gold stocks or ETF’s that are easier than actually collecting the physical gold. However, there has recently been a rise in interest in the real thing such as gold coins and gold bars because many people no longer trust any financial institutions. People have become wary of big business and all the shenanigans that seem to go on which leaves us normal investors out in the cold. Gold might be the answer for a little much needed security.