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How Effective Are 1-Up and 2-Up Systems? EDC Gold in Review

Different network marketing companies use certain income management programs on their members. Some apply percentage-based commissions through sales or referrals, while others promise to pay a certain fixed amount after meeting a particular sales or referral quotas. Among these schemes is the 1-Up or 2-Up program, which is used by a popular network marketing company, EDC Gold.

In EDC Gold, the locus of your participation is to recruit new members, as the company’s main goal is to create a massive support network for the businesses they promote. If you have a lot of friends then you can easily make your mark in the company since it would be easy for you to bring them into the company.
EDC Gold uses the 1-Up or 2-Up program, which works like this:

You have to invest a certain amount of money for the membership fee. In EDC Gold, the startup cost is $997. Once you become a member, you can then recruit others so that you would get commissions through referrals. The more members you bring in, of course, you get more commissions.

However, the 1-Up or 2-Up system does not work with everybody in the network marketing business. Why?

Reason 1: The startup cost can be expensive to your potential business partners, a.k.a. recruits. This is a common issue for most people, as they do have their own needs which they have to take care of, and a $1000 investment can be quite risky.

Reason 2: Once you are part of the network, you do not automatically get commissions through referrals. You are required to give up your first sale or referral as part of the 2-up system. Your first sale (or first 2 sales) serves as your requirement in order to start making commissions, as you have to prove that you are a worthy, productive member of the organization.

Reason 3: In theory, you are just required to make one to two sales or referrals, and from there your recruits will do the dirty work for you. But it’s not always the case-there are members who are not really into bringing others into the organization, thus you are obliged to find more recruits in order to earn commissions.

EDC Gold, given the business model they use, is in search of willing and able individuals to be part of their business, and you can’t just be either one of them. Your future in the company will depend and will always depend on the number of your recruits in order for you to earn more. So, before joining EDC Gold, you might as well check out other network marketing schemes and approaches so you know where to join.

Buy Property in Arlington, Virginia and You’ll Be Making a Great Investment

When I first moved to Arlington, Virginia, I was twelve years old. It was the same year that my parents decided to buy property there, and so this small Virginia town became my home. My parents were commuters to Washington, D.C., both holding government jobs, and our home was just three metro stops and a fifteen-minute drive from their work across the border and the Potomac River. It was a commuters dream: great schools and all the charm of the suburbs, along with an easy drive to and from work. My parents loved it, because the town was full of plenty of families, and thus full of kids to entertain their own. Like most things Virginia, the town is rich in history and to this day the smallest self-governing county in the United States.

Do a little research, and it is not hard to see why so many young professionals decide to buy property there. In 2006 CNN Money named Arlington the most educated city in the United States. Consistently Arlington has among the highest median household incomes, and BusinessWeek ranked it the safest city in which to weather a recession. It has been named among the best places to be rich and single, and Parenting magazine named it the best city for families. Everyone seems to agree that the decision to buy property in Arlington, Virginia is a good one. The resilient economy and great reputation have sustained a lot of growth and development, so parts of the city continue to just get better and better, with small shops and restaurants appearing all over the place. Clarendon, a neighborhood in Arlington, is exemplary of this phenomenon. Growth has primarily been around the metro stops, making environmentally friendly transportation easy and cool.

The neighborhoods of Arlington, Virginia are especially diverse, from Rosslyn, sitting on the Potomac with great views of D.C., to Ballston, a neighborhood that combines a commercial metropolis with suburban wholesomeness. The Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery are among the most popular tourist attractions, but the real reason to buy property would be the numerous bike trails, the cities walk-ability, the great food, and the general community oriented vibe. Purchase property if you want to make a good investment, raise a family, or spend a decade living outside of D.C. and enjoying all the things two cities, literally walking distance apart, have to offer. I am not sure I appreciated Arlington, Virginia enough growing up, but in retrospect my parents made a great decision moving us there. They invested in a county that spends about half its revenue on education, a place where you can buy property and know that in twenty years your kids will still be benefiting from your sound foresight.

Starting a Credit Repair Company is a Wise Business Choice in Today’s Economy

Everyone has thought of starting a business at some point. Whether you are ready to start your first business or are already an entrepreneur just looking to diversify, a Credit Repair Company may be your best bet as a viable business for investment.  Starting your own Credit Repair business may not have originally come to mind, but here is a list of reasons why you should consider starting a Credit Repair Service of your own:

· It can be done Part-time or Full-time
· Credit Repair will always be in demand
· It can be started with little or no money
· No Licenses or Certifications required      

You can educate yourself on ways to keep your own credit in great shape One other great benefit Who wouldn’t want to help people if they could? A Credit Repair Service is an excellent way of doing just that. If you haven’t, then certainly you know someone who has had to suffer the consequences of having bad credit. We hear stories everyday of people barely getting approved for loans, and when they do, they end up paying extra points for a higher interest rate. Having less than desirable credit is not only a hassle, it can be crippling. 

When you consider that not in today’s tough economic times companies are using credit reports to weed out applicants. That’s right, in today’s economy your credit can even mean the difference you having a job and being unemployed.  In an age where foreclosures rates are skyrocketing and major US companies are filing for bankruptcy, it is easy to see that the need for Credit Repair Services is not going away soon.   This is a business you can do and feel good about the service you are providing.  

Someone to assist you Finding a mentor to help guide you in this process is always a good idea. There are people like Ray Mihtar who run successful training for Credit Repair Companies who possess the detailed knowledge that would be invaluable to one just starting out. Mr. Mihtar has run the #1 ranked Credit Repair training and consulting program for more than 10 years. 

Mr. Mihtar’s started out many years ago working as a Collections Manager, which gives him an even deeper understanding of how the credit industry. Not only is he aware of the tricks debtors used to track down debts, he is well equipped with the knowledge on the most effective way to represent clients during such a vulnerable time.   The great thing about accessing information from someone like Ray Mihtar is that because he’s been in business for so long, he is aware of the intricacies that help make for a successful business as well as happy customers.