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Are You Looking For Small Business Grants?

If you are looking for Government grants for small business funding, or funding for expanding your business, the UK is one of the best places in the world for available funding. The UK government offers a wide range of grants and subsidised loans for UK business. The Government grants for small business are available for supporting and helping new businesses, business expansion, research and development, training initiatives, and for acquiring new business premises, re-furbishing existing premises, or for providing support for international expansions.

The UK government makes the grants and subsidies available to small businesses depending upon the sector which the business is in, and its location. The important criteria in awarding the grant depend upon whether the funding would create enough jobs, especially for those regions and local areas where such job creations have become necessary. One of the conditions in awarding a grant is that, the business has to make available their own funding along with the grant that they have applied for. In usual cases, the grant covers 50% of the total investment required for setting up a small business, and very rarely do they offer a higher percentage.

The UK grants for small business usually relates to a specific project. This could be setting up of a new business, relocation, or development of a new product. The grant could be made available for exploring a new export market as well. Major grants like, the Enterprise Grants and Regional Selective Assistance, would want your project to be set up and become viable within a specific period of time. When you develop the project plan, the report should be carefully prepared to be well defined, identifying the deliverables as much in detail as possible. You should always remember that a well prepared informative business plan is always critical to win any of the UK government grants.

Let us have a brief look at some of the types of Grants available -

1. The ‘Direct Grant’ is a cash item which is offered to businesses for training their employees, export development, recruitment, or capital investment projects. It is very rare that you would receive 100% of the amount you need through this grant, and in most of the cases your company is required to fund a percentage of the investment.

2. There is the “Repayable Grant” which is mainly given for cash funding a project, with a condition that the sum is returnable from future business profits. If the project does not succeed, the sum does not become repayable.

3. “Soft Loans” are cash grants which are re-payable under much easier terms and conditions. These loans are awarded under normal commercial terms, where the interest rate may be lower than the current rate. The terms are more generous to allow you a longer payment period, and at times you may also receive them interest free.

It may be quite complex and a daunting task to find out about the specific grant that is available for the kind of project you have. There are several types of grants being made available for different projects, and these schemes keep on changing with new ones added, and old ones taken off the list. It is you who is required to find out what grants are on offer and get up-to-date information on their availability and the procedures for applying.